Its main products are medicine intermediates like: 2,2'-Dinitrodibennzyl, 1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboximide ... Date:
  1-nitro-2-[2-(2-nitrophenyl)ethyl]be ...
1,2-Cyclopentane Diformimde
3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane HCL
1,2-Cyclopentane Diformic Anhydride
N-Amino-3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane ...
1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboxylic ...
1,2-Cyclopentane Diformamide
2-Bromo-6-formamide Cyclohexa ...
2-formamide Cycolhexanone
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Established in August,2007, Anhui Jinding Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise for R&D and production of medicine intermediate. It was put into operation in 2008 in Xiang Yu Chemical Industrial Zone, Dongzhi County. Its main products are medicine intermediates like: 2,2'-Dinitrodibennzyl, 1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboximide, N-Amino-3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane HCL, 3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane HCL, etc.
We share value with our employees, society and customers. Based on our own patented technology and GMP producing and management system, our company focuses on the R&D and production of chemical medicine intermediate, providing services for pharmaceutical enterprises and striving for human being's health.
We hold on to the principle "Safety first, environmental protection and culture shaping" in the operation of our company. We pay a lot of attention to every staff’s physical and mental conditions and safety of our products. We have professional EHS management teams, fine management systems, and advanced equipments. All these enable us to achieve our goals.
As one of the high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, we have complete detecting and analyzing labs and equipments, and a R&D centre with all kinds of resources. Three pilot production lines of 50L,100L,500L are equipped in the semiworks, undertaking product testing, and providing technology assurance for our company' s sustainable development.

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